Pollster: Trump would win in a ‘landslide’ against Biden or Kamala

GOP pollster John McLaughlin predicted that President Donald Trump would win in a “landslide” against both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris if an election were held today.

“Trump would win in a landslide right now. It would be an electoral landslide. He would beat either Biden or Harris. He’s ahead of Harris 49 to 46 in the poll,” McLaughlin said in an interview with radio host John Catsimatidis on Sunday.

McLaughlin argued that one out of five Americans who voted for Biden in the 2020 presidential election disapprove of Biden’s actions as commander-in-chief.

“And you’ve got 55 percent to 37 percent that they’re worried about the future of America while Biden is president. That’s a huge number,” McLaughlin said.

He added that Americans by a 61 percent to 33 percent margin are convinced that Biden is encouraging Congress to spend an excessive amount of money on his trillion-dollar infrastructure and social spending bills.

The pollster also claimed that Biden is not the same candidate Americans voted for in November.

“He ran as this moderate, and it was during the historic pandemic. You’re looking at an election where the guy they voted for is not what they got. He’s being run by the radicals,” McLaughlin said. “He’s doing things he said he wasn’t going to do.”

“We’re moving into a post-pandemic age, where you’re seeing really new voter coalitions of 21st-century voters. The bounce-back is going to show itself in elections this year, possibly in Virginia,” he said as the heated gubernatorial race takes place between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Trump-endorsed Republican Glenn Youngkin.

“The radical wing of the Democratic Party is holding the rest of their party hostage. And the voters aren’t going to stand for it anymore. It’s gone way too far,” McLaughlin continued. “People want to get back to some degree of sanity. And they’re going to take it out in the polls.”

According to the New York Post, Dick Morris, pollster and former adviser to Bill Clinton, warned Democrats of growing tends showing Latino voters making the switch to Republican candidates.

An “entire ethnic group – Hispanics, Latinos – ​​is moving from the Democrats to the Republicans. The data is astonishing​. In polling that I’ve just seen in the last two or three days, ​Hispanic voters give Biden a lower job approval than white voters do​,” Morris said.​

“​The non-Hispanic white community gives Biden a 45​ percent approval rating in this poll. Hispanics give him a 39​ percent approval rating​,” he claimed.

Based on this, Morris predicts that Trump “will carry the Hispanic vote in 2024.”

“But now this appears to be shaking out to be a real trend. Based on this, it’s entirely possible that Trump will carry the Hispanic vote in 2024,” he added.

Joe Biden’s future remains unclear as his job approval ratings plummet to record lows amidst the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, high inflation, supply chain crisis, and unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

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