President Trump at Pickens Independence Day celebration: ‘I HAVE YOUR BACK!’

President Trump gave a shout-out to “the fake news” at his Independence Day celebration in Pickens, South Carolina. He noted that he invited them and they were relegated to the back of the crowd. 

He called out the “fake” media, which has been weaponized, and noted how he has endured political attacks, but will not back down. 

President Trump noted that he is being attacked because of his popularity, stating, “As our poll numbers rocket, they get more and more vicious.”

He declared, “We have a massive lead in the CNN poll” and continued to call out the “fake news media.”

As the crowd cheered, President Trump said, “America is tired of being ruled over.” 

Then he declared, “I have your back!”

He decried corruption in Washington D.C. and pledged that he will ensure “their reign will be over.”

As the audience applauded and shouted their support, he added that we will again “be a free nation!”

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