President Trump declares war on the ‘deep state’ in ‘final battle’

by Josh Cohen

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump just sent out a rallying cry against the deep state.

It was earlier on Wednesday that President Donald Trump recently made a fervent post on his platform, Truth Social, rallying his supporters to join him in what he dubbed “the final battle” against various elements that, in his view, undermine the American way of life. In this call to action, President Trump touched upon several key points, aiming to drive out what he perceives as threats to the nation’s sovereignty and values. 

At the heart of President Trump’s post lies a fierce determination to tackle what he labels as the “deep state.” The term refers to an alleged shadowy group of powerful bureaucrats and officials who, according to many, wield undue influence over government policies, regardless of the elected administration. 

This is a war that President Trump has been waging for some time. Axios reported back in 2020 that President Trump and his administration “assembled detailed lists of disloyal government officials to oust”. This was part of a larger mission to dismantle the “deep state”.

Additionally, President Trump’s call to expel warmongers from the government echoes the conservative emphasis on a strong yet restrained foreign policy. This aligns with the idea of preserving American interests while avoiding unnecessary military interventions and endless conflicts. 

The mention of driving out globalists taps into an ever-growing concern regarding the erosion of national sovereignty. Some conservatives contend that excessive international agreements and organizations may undermine America’s ability to act independently and safeguard its interests. Trump’s call to assert America’s independence on the world stage resonates with these views.

This goes as far back as 2019 when Reuters reported that President Trump “called on nations around the globe to embrace nationalism and reject globalism, saying wise leaders put their own people and countries first.”

It went on to report that President Trump, addressing the United Nations General Assembly, stalwartly declared, “The future does not belong to globalists, the future belongs to patriots.”

Expelling individuals branded as communist Marxists and fascists reflects the conservative conviction in defending the principles of limited government, individual liberty, and free-market capitalism. Critics of these ideologies argue that they can lead to an overreaching government, stifling personal freedoms, and undermining the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the nation’s prosperity.

Trump’s attack on the “fake news media” is hardly surprising, given his contentious relationship with mainstream media outlets during his presidency. President Trump is simply calling to hold the media accountable for accurate and fair reporting.

President Donald Trump’s Truth Social post serves as a rallying cry for his supporters to join him in what he characterizes as the final battle. From dismantling the deep state to challenging globalist tendencies and ideological opponents, the post encapsulates the core tenets of conservative values and aspirations. 

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