President Trump discusses bold plans on border and drug policy with Logan Paul

by Natalie Tomiello

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump joined Logan Paul on his podcast called “Impaulsive” this week to discuss his campaign and the upcoming election.

Paul’s co-host, Mike Majlak, asked Trump about his specific plans relating to drug policy.

“In 2023, the DEA seized more than 80 million Fentanyl-laced fake pills and 12,000 pounds of Fentanyl powder,” Majlak said. “What’s your plan to continue to stem the flow of Fentanyl into the country as well as help the people who have already fallen victim to the opiate epidemic?”

“When I ran in 2016, I ran on the border,” Trump said. “We had it fixed. It was really in good shape and drugs were at the lowest point in years.”

Trump continued to discuss the negotiations he held with Chinese President Xi Jinping on drug policy, “It comes from China and then it comes in through the southern border.” He said President Xi Jinping told him they do not have a drug problem in China because they give the death penalty for selling drugs.

“I’d like you to give the death penalty to people that are making fentanyl and sending it over to our country,” Trump said. “And he was going to do that. And then we had the election result, and of course, Biden never picked up that conversation.”

Rates of fentanyl passing through the southern border have continued to skyrocket throughout Biden’s presidency. The drug is produced in Mexico using Chinese precursors. It is then transported across the southern border.

Testimony has been heard in Congress regarding the Biden administration’s border policy, with experts stating the administration’s policies have fueled rather than deterred illegal crossings.

“He was going to give the death penalty,” Trump said. “If he did that, you would have had this literally stopped, but we have to be very, very strong at the border.”

Trump compared the high casualties from the drug crises caused by Biden’s border policies to a war. “I know many families where their children die. They’re not even addicted. They take a pill that has a little bit of fentanyl.”

“It is a really horrible thing,” Trump continued. “I would have had China giving the maximum penalty. They would not have been sending it. I had a deal worked out with President Xi, but of course, Biden didn’t follow up…We have to be very tough at the border, and that includes drugs as well as people.”

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