President Trump reacts to DOJ’s appeal of special master order

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President Trump took to Truth Social on Thursday following the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) announcement that it would appeal the special master ruling, saying:

“So now the FBI & Biden Department of ‘Justice’ leakers are going to spend Millions of Dollars, & vast amounts of Time & Energy, to appeal the Order on the ‘Raid of Mar-a-Lago Document Hoax,’ by a brilliant and courageous Judge whose words of wisdom rang true throughout our Nation, instead of fighting the record setting corruption and crime that is taking place right before their very eyes. They SPIED on my Campaign, lied to FISA COURT, told Facebook ‘quiet,’ preside over worst CRIME WAVE ever!!”

Trump’s statement comes after the DOJ filed a motion on Thursday for a stay pending the appeal of Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon’s order that approved Trump’s legal team’s request for a special master, The Epoch Times reported.

According to court documents:

“[T]he government seeks a stay to the extent the Order (1) enjoins the further review and use for criminal investigative purposes of records bearing classification markings that were recovered pursuant to a court-authorized search warrant and (2) requires the government to disclose those classified records to a special master for review. The government respectfully requests that the Court rule on this motion promptly.”

This week, Judge Cannon moved to grant a special master to review seized documents taken by the FBI during their raid on the president’s Mar-a-Lago home in August, RSBN previously reported.

In the order, Cannon authorized a special master “to review the seized property for personal items and documents and potentially privileged material subject to claims of attorney-client and/or executive privilege.”

Cannon further barred the government from “reviewing and using the seized materials for investigative purposes pending the completion of the special master’s review or further Court order.”

Both parties had a deadline of Friday to submit recommendations for a special master. Instead, the DOJ is preparing to file an appeal, giving the court until Sept. 15 to grant the stay before seeking “relief from the Eleventh Circuit.”

“They leak, lie, plant fake evidence, allow the spying on my campaign, deceive the FISA Court, RAID and Break-Into my home, lose documents, and then they ask me, as the 45th President of the United States, to trust them. Look at the I.G. Reports on Comey, McCabe, and others. Things are safer in the middle of Central Park!” Trump concluded in a second post.

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