President Trump rips WSJ for downplaying Pennsylvania’s ‘rigged’ election

President Donald Trump is taking a swing at the staggering reports of fraud in Pennsylvania’s 2020 presidential election in a letter he wrote to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), calling the election “rigged” and citing a comprehensive list of election irregularities that shine a light on what went on in the Keystone State.

Trump’s letter, which was a direct response to an editorial published by the WSJ that discussed the alleged 80,555 ballot margin of victory in Pennsylvania for Joe Biden in 2020, called out the publication for downplaying the illegality of counting mail-in ballots after Election Day was over.

He contests the WSJ Editorial Board’s claim that, “This didn’t matter because Mr. Biden won the state by 80,555, but the country is lucky the election wasn’t closer. If the election had hung on a few thousand Pennsylvanians, the next President might have been picked by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

According to President Trump, it does matter. “Well actually,” he wrote in his reply, “the election was rigged, which you, unfortunately, still haven’t figured out.” The reports of fraud in Pennsylvania are truly catastrophic, following on the heels of election audit reports from states like Arizona, where nearly 700,000 problematic mail-ballots were found in Maricopa County alone.

In Pennsylvania, a reported 1,823,178 million mail-in ballots were sent out, and 2,589,242 were sent back – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg in the election woes for the state.

President Trump’s fiery letter listed the following data, illustrating the devastating and determinative voter fraud in Pennsylvania:

  • 10,515 mail-in ballots from people who don’t exist on the PA voter rolls,
  • 71,893 mail-in ballots that were returned after Nov. 3 at 8:00 p.m.,
  • 120,000 excess voters not accounted for by the PA Dept. of State,
  • 39,771 people who registered to vote after the Oct. 19 deadline who still voted,
  • 305,874 voters removed from voter rolls after Nov. 3,
  • 58,823 first-time voters aged 70 and older,
  • 17,000 mail-in ballots sent to addresses outside of PA,
  • 78,000 phantom voters in Montgomery County, and
  • 51,792 inactive voter registrations at the end of 2020 who still voted in November.

Interestingly enough, Trump also noted that in 2016 to 2020 (during his time in the White House), more Republicans were registered in Pennsylvania than Democrats, in a stunning ratio of 21 to 1. “This translated to a 659,145-vote lead at 12:38 a.m. on election night, with ‘Trump’ up a full 15 points,” he pointed out.

Additionally, the 71,893 mail-in ballots that were returned after the Nov. 3 deadline were in violation of federal and state voting laws. The U.S. Constitution does not allow for ballots to be counted after Election Day, and the Pennsylvania state Legislature had not approved such a change prior to the election, as would be required by law.

“Hundreds of thousands of votes were unlawfully counted in secret,” Trump continued, “in defiance of a court order, while Republican poll watchers were thrown out of the buildings where voting took place.”

Even more disturbingly, then-Attorney General Bill Barr at the time ordered U.S. Attorney Bill Swain not to investigate the election irregularities in Pennsylvania, despite these shocking allegations of fraudulent activities.

President Trump also took a swing at Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. “[He] poured over $17 million to interfere in the Pennsylvania election, including 5.5 million on ‘ballot processing equipment’ in Philadelphia and $552,000 for drop boxes where the voting pattern was not possible.”

Zuckerberg has been a consistent person of interest in the unfolding saga of election fraud across the country. Currently, the Facebook CEO is being investigated for his alleged use of grant funding through the Center for Technology and Civic Live (CTCL), which funneled a reported $350 million into ballot drop-boxes and administrative election hiring processes and election organizations in Wisconsin during the 2020 presidential election.

Now, the Wisconsin Senate is launching its own comprehensive 2020 election investigation.

In light of the overwhelming data presented by President Trump and numerous organizations like Audit the Vote PA, it remains baffling that mainstream media outlets refuse to report the election fraud not just in Pennsylvania, but in every state in the country.

The undeniably damning data begs the question: What else will it take for lawmakers in Pennsylvania, Arizona, or any other key battleground state where widespread voter fraud occurred to take this situation seriously?

For President Trump, however, the mystery as to why the media will not cover the determinative election irregularities is clear. “This [data] is why the Democrats and Fake News Media do not want a full forensic audit in Pennsylvania,” he concluded in his written remarks. “In reality, 80,555 ballots are nothing when there is this much corruption or voter irregularities.”

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