President Trump touts massive gains for Hispanic Americans during Miami event

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump touted the impressive accomplishments of his administration as it related to Hispanic Americans during his time in the White House during the Hispanic Leadership Conference in Miami, Florida.

“Over four incredible years, we did more for the Hispanic community than any administration in the history of our country,” he told the audience. “Under our leadership, household incomes for Hispanic Americans reached an all-time high, and the Hispanic American unemployment rate reached an all-time low – that’s a nice combination, right?”

Trump also highlighted the “1.5 million Hispanic Americans” who were lifted out of poverty while his administration was in the White House, reminding attendees that “Hispanic American poverty hit the lowest rate ever recorded.”

He added, “Under our leadership, the household wealth of the median Hispanic family grew by an astounding 65 percent – that’s in a short period of time.”

Trump’s remarks at the conference were delivered in a reflective tone as he reflected on the massive success of his administration and spoke about the chaos and destruction unfolding on Joe Biden’s watch.

“We are a nation in decline…we are a failing nation,” he solemnly told the crowd as he opened his speech. “America is supposed to be the land of hope and freedom and opportunity – but under the Biden administration is has become the land of recession, probably depression, and when you think of it, repression, and misery and fear.”

While Trump highlighted his administration’s success in reaching out to the Hispanic American community, empowering them to own homes, and doubling the child tax credit, he preceded his comments by taking a jab at the leftist policies that have left minority groups abandoned.

“Hispanics are allying to our cause,” he said. “…The time has come to stand up and defend America and everything it stands for.”

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