President Trump urges Pennsylvanians to vote in the primary: announces KEY Senate endorsement

by Lauren Bratton

Photo: Alamy

Speaking to a massive crowd in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, President Trump rallied voters to head out to the polls for the state’s presidential primary election.

He told the crowd, “So if you want to save America, then get everyone you know, register them, register Republican, and vote. The Pennsylvania primary is Tuesday, April 23. Go out and vote.”

The 45th president also announced his endorsement of David McCormick, who is running to unseat Democratic Senator Bob Casey. He told rallygoers, “He’s a good man, he wants to run a good ship, he’s a smart guy, he was a very successful guy, he’s given up a lot to do this.” He encouraged the crowd to “go out and vote for him ‘cause Casey doesn’t do a d*mn thing, I’ll tell ya, he doesn’t do a thing.”

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