Project Veritas is READY to nab voter fraudsters

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James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is primed to expose voter fraud in the 2022 midterm elections, and they’re asking American citizens to get involved to make sure potential crimes are reported.

O’Keefe revealed in an official statement, “Countless tipsters across the country claim to have already witnessed voter fraud activity taking place throughout the 2022 Mid-Term Elections. They are reporting to us that the people involved are getting bolder and more aggressive with their actions.”

Further, he noted, “Project Veritas journalists have been told that, in some cases, these fraudsters are literally printing hundreds, if not thousands, of counterfeit ballots which begs the questions: why? Will these ballots be mixed in with the pool of legally-cast ballots?”

Project Veritas is known for its investigative and often undercover journalism. Earlier this year, the organization was permanently suspended from Twitter after obtaining a video of a Facebook executive allegedly blatantly censoring users’ content, per Fox News.

However, Project Veritas was able to make a brand-new account on Truth Social, a free speech platform kick-started by President Trump.

“I just wanted to let you know first that Project Veritas’ primary focus until Election Day will be bringing down the nefarious actors that are engaging in these elaborate and sophisticated voter fraud schemes,” O’Keefe’s statement continued. “You know, as well as I do, that allegations alone are not enough. We must catch them IN THE ACT and ON CAMERA!”

Project Veritas’ dedication to compiling evidence of election fraud comes on the heels of True the Vote’s IV3 project, a web-based app centered on identifying fraudulent or inaccurate voter registration information. The app “empowers voters with an automated way to confirm accuracy, identify ineligible records, report findings to local authorities, and stay up to date on the recent changes to your local voter rolls.”

Tipsters may also send written eyewitness accounts of voter fraud directly to Project Veritas via email.

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