RELEASE: Official Viewership Numbers on Trump Rally in Conroe, Texas


January 31, 2022

Auburn, Alabama — Right Side Broadcasting Network announces total viewership numbers for President Trump’s Save America Rally on Jan. 29, 2022, in Conroe, Texas. 

RSBN received a cumulative total of just over 3 million views across all of its digital platforms including Rumble, YouTube, GETTR, Facebook, Twitter and the RSBN app. This is a conservative estimate observed moments after the rally’s conclusion.

We estimate that the replays of the broadcast will exceed 1 million additional views within the next 24 hours.

RSBN finds it increasingly important in the age of censorship to shed light on the profound effect President Trump continues to have on the American people. Despite being banned on social media and outcast by various entities, he continues to draw millions to his America First message.

Saturday night’s rally viewership makes it evident that the base is incredibly energized with several months ahead of the November midterm elections.


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