REMINDER: Trump warned that ‘neo-con’ warmongering is NOT the path to peace as Biden stokes flames of global war

Analysis by Summer Lane | Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump has long stood for peace on the global stage, offering a stark contrast to the political aristocracy in Washington, D.C., that has historically supported endless foreign wars.

This week, the Trump campaign reminded Americans that the 45th president stood for common sense as Joe Biden announced an order to call up 3,000 U.S. reserve troops to active duty. Those troops will provide operational aid in Europe as Ukraine’s beleaguered efforts to withstand Russian aggression continue.

In a video that the Trump campaign reshared, the president pointed out that “neo-con” rhetoric that painted Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “WAR CRIMINAL” was only further demonstrating a “lack of seriousness” when it comes to foreign policy.

He reminded Americans, “Under my administration, we were tough on Russia — tougher than any administration before — but we also demonstrated RESPECT for Russia and the Russian people. We demonstrated understanding for Russian history, and the fact that Russia lost over 20 million lives in World War II. They were fighting with us.”

He stressed that respectful dialogue was an essential component of maintaining peace with Russia.  

He stated, “We need a statesman and a peacemaker in the White House, not someone who recites mindless and recycled talking points to win the approval of the failed foreign policy establishment. They didn’t know what they were doing. In 2024, I am the only candidate who can prevent World War III. I will prevent World War III — there’s nobody else that’s going to do that.”

On Friday, President Trump additionally responded to Biden’s order to call up reserve troops, scorching the current administration for allowing the southern border to remain unsecured while the U.S. sent its “thin” ranks overseas to assist a foreign war.

He said, “This conflict must end. Not one American mother or father wants to send their child to die in Eastern Europe. We must have PEACE.”

As the world teeters on the brink of global conflict, President Trump appears to be the only candidate so far in the 2024 presidential race that is actively calling for a cessation of hostilities and a return to balance and peace on the world stage.

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