Rep. Byron Donalds: the Biden investigation reveals ‘a web of concealment’

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

New evidence has been made public in the House Oversight Committee investigation of Joe Biden and his family’s business dealings. During a press conference Wednesday morning, Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., described a vast network of suspicious transactions. 

Donalds called the Biden family’s business schemes, “A web of concealment, of deception.” 

He noted, “This velocity of these transactions” is highly concerning, and displays clear patterns of “hiding money, shifting money.”

Donalds also discussed the fact that none of these businesses are structured to provide services or offer any clear means of operating. He said, “The Biden family doesn’t really have a business. There is no business around this family…except politics.”

Biden is a career politician who has spent decades in office serving as vice president under the Obama administration before taking over the White House. In 2020, the New York Post reported on Biden’s family history of criminal arrests without any jail sentences being served. 

This latest investigation is just one more example of how the Biden family has continued to allegedly break the law without repercussion. Now, the Oversight Committee is working to change that. 

Donalds called on the media to pay attention. He pointed out that the Biden “family is getting money from various countries and foreign businesses through various shell companies, and this web of LLC… I mean guys, you in the press, this is easy pickings. I’m giving you Pulitzer stuff here.”

He also mentioned that anyone can examine the information in the recent press release, available on the Oversight Committee website. He explained that the reports display evidence of concealing money for personal gain. 

Donalds also called out Democrats for accusing President Trump of corruption while propping up the Biden family, then concluded, “We’re gonna let the facts speak for themselves.” 

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