Rep. Ronny Jackson: Trump is the only person who ‘can clean up the MESS Biden created’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, reminded Americans over the weekend that President Donald Trump was the best president of his lifetime.

“President Trump is the GREATEST President I have EVER seen,” Jackson wrote on Twitter. “NOBODY can clean up the MESS Biden created better than he can. When Trump returns to the White House, he will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Rep. Jackson has been a powerful supporter of President Trump. In 2021, the 45th president even gave the Texas representative his endorsement, calling him a “great patriot, a great doctor, and a great Congressman.”

Jackson’s latest comments on social media are not the first time he has stuck up for President Trump.

In 2022, Jackson derided the difference between Joe Biden and Trump, asking, “Remember when we had a President who could do 5 rallies in a day, loved our troops, and stood up to the DC swamp? Now, our ‘Commander in Chief’ Biden can’t even put a sentence together. NOT GOOD!”

According to RSBN, Jackson endorsed President Trump in his 2024 presidential bid almost immediately following the announcement of his candidacy in November 2022.

He tweeted, “President Trump SAVED AMERICA once, and he’s going to do it again! I think EVERYONE knows where I stand. I’ve had 45’s back since DAY ONE, but just in case, I’m PROUD to OFFICIALLY ENDORSE President Trump in 2024! TRUMP 2024!! #Trump2024.”

In February, Jackson slammed Biden for his purported cognitive challenges. “Our ‘president’ can barely read off a teleprompter,” Jackson commented. “Do you REALLY think his cognitive ability is 100%? If he doesn’t have a cognitive exam, then they’re COVERING SOMETHING UP!!”

According to a new poll from Harvard CAPS/Harris, President Trump’s net favorability has increased by 8 points since November.

Their 2024 National Republican Primary survey also found that Trump held a steady lead in a hypothetical Republican presidential primary race, netting 46 percent of the vote. By contrast, potential GOP contender Governor Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., only garnered 23 percent of support.

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