Report: Trump attorney suggests potential motion to dismiss Manhattan case may arise

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

An attorney for President Donald Trump has said that there may be a motion to dismiss the Manhattan district attorney’s case against the 45th president, according to Just the News.

In an interview on “Just the News, No Noise,” attorney Jesse Binnall stated, “I think you’re gonna see a motion to dismiss. There’s a lot of fodder for a motion to dismiss- specifically statute [of] limitations.”

Per the outlet’s report, Binnall is not currently on Trump’s trial team, although he has a history of working with the president on several other cases in the past.

As previously reported by RSBN, the next hearing in the Manhattan district attorney’s case against President Trump is set for Dec. 4, and Trump’s legal team will have until Aug. 8 to file any motions.

Via Just the News, Binnall also predicted that there could be a motion for recusal, in light of Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan’s murky ties to Democrat campaigns.

He stated, “We’re gonna have to really see if this is the right judge as well. And this judge, I think, needs to take a really hard look to see if he can truly be impartial in this case. And very possibly I think we can be looking at a recusal motion as well.”

Per RSBN, Justice Merchan has come under fire for his daughter’s previous alleged employment for Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign, where she supposedly served as the “Director of Digital Persuasion.”

Further, the New York Post recently reported that Federal Election Commission records revealed that Merchan made very small contributions to Biden’s campaign and to ActBlue, a Democrat online fundraising platform, in 2020. The contributions were reportedly no more than $35, but the link has nevertheless cast a shadow on Merchan’s position as the judge overseeing the case.

If there is a trial, Trump attorney Joe Tacopina recently told Glenn Beck that they would try to push the date for that as far out as possible, considering the 2024 presidential election that is looming on the horizon next year.

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