Representatives LIGHT UP ex-Twitter execs for censoring conservatives

2MWBM60 U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-GA., speaks during a press conference calling for the impeachment of US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas outside of the US Capitol in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, February 01, 2023. (Photo by Craig Hudson/Sipa USA) Credit: Sipa USA/Alamy Live News

Op-ed by Preston Parra | Photo: Alamy

It appears House Republicans are back with a vengeance in the new 118th Congress. Two conservative firebrands made their vengeance loud and clear when they grilled a former Twitter executive, Yoel Roth, who is believed to have played a major role in the social media platform’s collusion with the federal government to silence conservative users on the app.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., took on Roth during a hearing by the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. Roth appears to have been privy to the political-motivated censorship of conservative Americans and politicians simply for being just that, conservative. Both representatives didn’t hold back with their line of questioning and condemnation over the unethical censorship that Twitter, in collaboration with the federal government, had performed for years.

Luna said the following in a testy exchange with Roth:

“This, ladies and gentlemen, is joint action between the federal government and a private company to censor and violate the First Amendment. This is also known as … joint state actors. It’s highly illegal, you are all engaged in this action, and I want you to know that you will all be held accountable.”

In a separate but equally fiery dialogue, Boebert brought up a tweet that led to a 90-day shadow ban for her account in which she said:

“You suppressed my account for this tweet. It’s a freaking joke about Hillary Clinton being angry that she couldn’t rig her election. It’s a joke, but in response, being the sinister overlords that you all are, you placed a 90-day account filter so I could not be found.”

The 118th Congress seems to be rearing its horns right out of the gate by tackling unfair treatment of conservative Americans, cracking down on unethical malfeasance conducted by the federal government, and doing it all without any signs of slowing down.

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