Republicans lead Democrats ahead of midterm elections, new poll finds

by Laura Ramirez

Photo: Alamy

The future is looking bright for Republicans as a new poll has the GOP leading Democrats ahead of midterm elections in November.

The latest Monmouth University poll conducted from Sept. 21 to 25 of 806 U.S. adults indicated that Republicans lead Democrats by ten points, a significant shift from an August poll that reported a Democrat advantage. Republicans now hold the majority of support, as 47 percent of adults want the GOP in control.

While support for Republicans increased from 43 percent to 47 percent since August, Democrat support dropped from 50 percent support to 44 percent. The advantage will likely boost a red wave in November as Republicans fight to regain control of Congress.

“Because the congressional map favors the GOP, Democrats need to do more than ‘keep it close’ in order to hold onto their House majority. One roadblock for them is that the issue picture favors Republicans,” Monmouth University Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray said.

Moreover, the survey indicated a few key issues that are most concerning to voters, which could benefit Republicans.

When asked about the most urgent issues the federal government must address, 82 percent of respondents listed inflation as their top concern. Crime followed at 72 percent, elections and voting at 70 percent, jobs and unemployment at 68 percent, and immigration at 67 percent.

The poll notes that Joe Biden’s performance on the key issues will not help Democrats as only 3 in 10 Americans approve of his ability to tackle pressing problems.

“Obviously, the Republicans are hitting away at issues where Biden – and by extension the Democratic Party – is weakest. But it’s also worth noting that Biden does not provide a rallying point for Democratic voters on some of the issues, such as abortion, that his party is leaning on to motivate its own base,” Murray added.

Another poll by ABC/Washington Post last month gave Republicans a stunning 21-point lead over Democrats in contested House districts, RSBN reported.

In districts deemed “at least somewhat competitive” by ABC’s FiveThirtyEight, Republicans led 55-34 percent among registered voters.

With midterms just five weeks away, Republican victories are likely on the horizon as voters look for a change in leadership to combat Biden’s failed economic and border policies.

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