Republicans win BIG in NYC City Council races

Four Republican New York City (NYC) Council candidates rode the nationwide red wave in Tuesday’s election with a fifth race neck and neck.

Despite the Democratic win for NYC Mayoral candidate Eric Adams, Republicans performed extremely well all over the city in the council races.

In the 48th District in Brooklyn, President Donald Trump-backed candidate Inna Vernikov (R) beat out her Democratic challenger by over 25 points, the most recent New York Times update reports.

“I’m very excited. This election victory shows that the people are fed up with the progressive policies that have destroyed our city and district,” said the 37-year-old Ukrainian native and lawyer, according to the New York Post.

In an even bigger win, Joanna Ariola (R) won the Queens 32nd District by over 35 points, receiving 67.6 percent of the vote compared to Democrat Felicia Singh’s 31.4 percent.

In another Queens district, Republican Vickie Paladino upset the 19th District results in a closer lead of seven percent against former Democratic Councilmember Tony Avella.

Republican David Carr pulled off the last decisive victory for NYC Republicans as of yet.

Carr won with almost a 30 percent margin against Sal Albanese (D) in the Staten Island 50th District.

Albanese, the New York Post reported, lost despite having the support of law enforcement and union organizations, revealing just how powerful the NYC red wave was.

Even with four Republican wins, a fifth seems to be on the horizon as 43rd district race has Democratic incumbent Justin Brannan down by a “very slim” margin against Republican Brian Fox, City & State NY tweeted.

With 95 percent reporting, according to the New York Times, the race is still too close to call but indicates a more comfortable lead for Fox than was reported early Wednesday morning by the New York Post.

The nationwide red wave that elected Republicans to school boards, congress, and governorships was strong enough to send a message to Democrats and swamp even the most progressive of United States cities: NYC.

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