RFK Jr. says he takes ‘precautions’ in light of the CIA’s alleged involvement in the assassination of his uncle

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hopped onto the Joe Rogan Experience in the past week to discuss his current run for president, where he answered a curious question related to the assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy.

“What do you think happens when you get into office?” Rogan asked. “You’re talking about your uncle, who was assassinated – and you believe the intelligence officials were part of that. What happens to you?”

Kennedy replied, “Well, I gotta be careful. You know, I’m aware of that…I’m aware of that danger. I don’t live in fear of it. At all. But I’m not stupid about it, and I take precautions.”

Kennedy’s comments come just a few months after former Fox News host Tucker Carlson delivered a few bombshell questions regarding the death of President Kennedy and whether the CIA was allegedly involved in his assassination in 1963.

Carlson noted that it took over 50 years for the CIA to admit under “duress” that “it had withheld information from investigators about its relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald,” the alleged shooter who killed President Kennedy.

He pointed out inconsistencies in the assassination, as well as Oswald’s untimely death before he got a chance to testify about his role in killing the president. Carlson brought up the involvement of psychiatrist Louis Joylon West, who visited the man who killed Oswald (Jack Ruby) in prison.

Carlson explained, “But what West did not say was that he was working for the CIA at the time. Louis Jolyon West was a contract psychiatrist for the spy agency. He was also an expert on mind control and a prominent player in the now infamous MKUltra program in which the CIA gave powerful psychiatric drugs to Americans without their knowledge.”

In other words, many Americans have long wondered if the United States’ most prominent three-letter agency had a heavy hand in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. His nephew and current presidential Democrat candidate seems to think so.

Interestingly, if reelected president in 2024, President Donald Trump has promised to release the remaining top-secret files from the Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act, which would allow for the dissemination of thousands of documents related to the case.

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