Rick Scott vigorously defends Trump against persecution

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

During an appearance on Fox News, Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., who endorsed President Trump in November 2023, publicly defended President Trump against the legal persecution he is facing. 

During the news segment shared on X, Scott told the hosts, “I support my friend. I support Donald Trump.” Scott revealed what he feels these court cases are saying, “This is just political persecution.”

Scott explained that using the court for political persecution is a crime. President Trump has long condemned these sham court cases, calling them a tool used by Biden to persecute his political rival. Trump said it was a “Politicized ‘Persecutors’ mandate” on Truth Social.    

Scott described his personal experience with political persecution, revealing that the very same thing happened to him when he fought against “Hillarycare,” which emerged back in the ’90s. Scott said that the left came after him and his company. 

Scott posed a question, “Think about this. If we don’t stop this every American is at risk. I’m going to go support this President because this is wrong what’s happening to this guy.” He exclaims in disbelief about the absurdity of putting a man in jail over an accounting error.

The senator added, “This is wrong.”

It’s not just Scott who feels this way. DCNF reported that Alan Dershowitz called President Trump’s trial a “stupendous legal catastrophe” and that every American should be appalled. Dershowitz wrote, “Today, the target is Trump. Tomorrow, it may be a Democrat. After that, you and me. The criminal justice system is on trial in New York.”   

In addition to defending President Trump on Fox News, the Washington Times reported that Scott also attended the hush money trial in New York and was spotted entering the courtroom with the president and his team.  

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