‘Rigged Court in a Rigged New York State System’: Trump gives lengthy rebuttal of civil case

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President Donald Trump took to Truth Social, calling out the presiding judge of his New York civil lawsuit case, outlining the issues he believes the “corrupt” and “radical” calls the judge has allegedly made. 

Trump posted to his social media platform detailing a lengthy response to Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over his New York civil fraud case filed by Attorney General Letitia James. James sued the 45th president for $250 million in September 2022, claiming that he had inflated his asset values for financial gain.

Since the case was brought to court, a slew of issues have arisen for Trump, with some claiming that Engoron has shown judicial bias against the former president. Within his post, Trump called out the judge, stating that he is a “political hack” who would not allow a jury onto the case, nor would he let the lawsuit “go to the Commercial Division, where it belongs.”

The 45th president continued to call out Engoron’s gag order, which he claimed was a “blatant attempt to prevent us from bringing vital information to the Public and the Court.” Trump was notably slapped with a gag order at the beginning of October, bouncing back and forth between the Engoron and an appeals court ever since. 

Trump called out both James and Engoron, stating they are “causing grave damage” to the justice system, New York state, and the U.S.

“The Racist Attorney General, and the Runaway Judge, are causing grave damage to our Justice System, to New York State, and to the United States of America! They attempted to use a disgusting and unfair Statute, which has never been used for this purpose before. I am not allowed a Jury, and they have, essentially, taken away my Rights,” Trump stated. 

“It is a Rigged Court in a Rigged New York State System, with Fraud committed by the A.G. and Judge in purposefully undervaluing my Assets, such as Mar-a-Lago, for $18 Million Dollars, when it is worth from 50 to 100 times that amount,” Trump continued.  

The former president also noted that he believes the attacks from both James and Engoron intend to make him “look as bad as possible” and interfere with the election.

While Trump claimed that the banks in question were “paid in full,” emphasizing that an expert had called his financial statements the “best he had ever seen.” Trump alleged that there have been “no victims” other than him to deal with a “totally corrupt” prosecutor and judge, stating any business seeking to move to New York is “crazy.”

“There were no Victims, other than me, in having to deal with a totally corrupt Prosecutor and Judge. He refused to give me a Jury and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY GAGGED ME about very important information,” Trump stated. 

“The New York State Attorney General, who has total control of the Judge, used this case to run for Governor, and failed. She should be disbarred for what she has done, as Murder and Violent Crime hit All Time Highs. Any Business that moves to New York is CRAZY!” Trump exclaimed.

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