RNC shakeup follows Trump’s leadership suggestion

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

The Republican National Committee is experiencing serious changes. According to Politico, Chief of Staff Mike Reed is stepping down. 

Reed noted in an email to staff announcing the decision, “I know the timing of this news comes as many rumors in the press swirl and we prepare to merge with the presumptive nominee.”

“I assure you, the RNC is in an incredibly strong position,” he added. 

This comes after the RNC had its worst fundraising year in a decade, per Forbes.

According to Forbes, Democrats raised $120 million last year, ending 2023 with $21 million. By comparison, Republicans only raised $87.2 million in 2023 and ended the year with just $8 million remaining while it also held $1.8 million in debt. 

This is down from the $176 million Republicans raised in 2022. 

Based on Reed’s email statements, the party is unaware of their constituent’s frustrations as well. 

While older guard life-long Republicans are known for supporting war and big business, a new breed of America First conservatives are focused more on putting the interests of the people and the nation ahead of globalist efforts. 

President Donald Trump embodies these priorities and has remained the top Republican presidential candidate for 2024, despite the RNC changing the primary debate rules to require candidates to sign a pledge promising to vote for whomever the party chooses to be their candidate to debate, per AP News.

Trump did not attend the debates, yet he is still on top, proving that the direction the Republican Party has attempted to take is no match for the America First movement. 

On Monday, he celebrated this fact by posting to Truth Social. He stated, “We have Leads, in many cases substantial, in virtually every Head-to-Head Poll.”

“In my successful run in 2016, the State of Michigan really came through – First time in Decades that it was won by a Republican, and it was headed up by my friend Ronna McDaniel,” he added.  

Then he concluded, “Ronna is now Head of the RNC, and I’ll be making a decision the day after the South Carolina Primary as to my recommendations for RNC Growth.”

This came just after he has repeatedly noted that McDaniel should step down, via Forbes, leaving supporters to wonder if he believes she is better suited in another role. 

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