RSBN projects Glenn Youngkin victory in VA governor’s race

by Summer Lane

In what has become one of the most exciting and anticipated political races of the year, Republican and Trump-endorsed candidate Glenn Youngkin has catapulted to victory, smashing Democrat opponent Terry McAuliffe in the final results.

With nearly 70 percent of all precincts reporting, Youngkin has steadily maintained a 10 point lead over McAuliffe, scoring the new Washington outsider and successful businessman a seat in the Governor’s office. 

Youngkin, lauded by Trump as the best choice for governor in the VA race, came out strong earlier today for Youngkin just hours before the polls closed: 

“Glenn Youngkin has had an enormously successful career in business, as most of you know, for running a very incredible company that employed hundreds of people…now he’s going to restore common sense to the Governor’s Mansion. And Glenn will be great on jobs, he’ll be great on your taxes and keeping them low…and he’ll make Virginia, really, the envy of the world. You’ll watch.”

It looks like Trump voters showed up strong today in Virginia, and conservatives across the country are most likely hoping that this is the beginning of a red wave that will kick-start a conservative revolution in America today.

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