RSBN’s own Grace Saldana hits back at Big Tech censorship

Grace Saldana, the editor in chief here at Right Side Broadcasting Network, hit back against YouTube’s oligarchic suspension of RSBN’s streaming channel just days ahead of President Trump’s hotly-anticipated Commerce, Georgia rally on Saturday.

In an exclusive interview with Dana Alexa on One America News Network on Wednesday, Saldana decried Big Tech’s attack on RSBN’s First Amendment Rights.

“Big Tech stifling the First Amendment is a huge concern not only for the average American citizen but also for media companies who value the freedom of the press,” she stated. “So, it’s a huge concern all around, and people should be fired up about this.”

On Tuesday, YouTube suspended the RSBN YouTube channel, deleting two videos that “allegedly violated their company policies,” specifically “elections misinformation.” The banned videos included President Donald Trump’s backstage interview at the South Carolina Rally with RSBN’s own Brian Glenn, as well as the CPAC 2022 interview with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.

RSBN is barred from livestreaming and uploading content for one week.

Saldana also took a swing at the hypocrisy of Big Tech and their obsession with controlling the narrative. “I think they’re scared of unity – they want to be able to control the narrative, and with President Trump in power they can’t do that,” she remarked.

Additionally, RSBN’s editor in chief pointed out the importance of repealing Section 230, which allows providers and users of interactive computer services limited federal immunity, and has been specifically and strongly applied to social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. “Until we clarify it [Sec. 230] …we may see this go on for a very long time,” Saldana remarked. “Hopefully, the Supreme Court picks up a case that will allow them to clarify the scope of it.”

She continued, “Americans deserve more than that – they deserve justice.” And, on the subject of how Americans can fight back against unfair Big Tech censorship, Saldana offered some alternatives, urging people to say no to social media giants like Twitter and say yes to new platforms like Truth Social, which was launched by President Trump in February. “Please explore these alternatives – they may not be as pretty, as flashy, but they work,” she added.

“I think that they [Big Tech] are terrified that the America First message will actually resonate with the American people,” Saldana concluded. “And what is the America First message? It is, ‘Let’s bring jobs back to the United States. Lower big Pharma Prices. Let’s have peace in the Middle East. End endless wars. Build the wall.’”

While people on YouTube won’t have access to the Save America rally in Commerce Georgia on Saturday, March 26, RSBN will be livestreaming the event on multiple platforms, including Rumble, the RSBN mobile app, and GETTR.

“We have not missed a single rally since 2016 and we don’t intend to start now,” Saldana stated.

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