‘[S]election Code’ unveils election server irregularities exposed by Tina Peters

Anticipated documentary, “[S]election Code,” premiered on Saturday at MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s “The Moment of Truth Summit” in Springfield, Missouri. The film, which was spearheaded by renowned investigative journalist Lara Logan, unveiled the story of Tina Peters, a county clerk in Mesa County, Colorado, who says she witnessed highly suspicious activity surrounding county election processes.

In 2021, Peters drew attention to election irregularities that took place in her county by making a backup copy of the election server, resulting in a goldmine of election data now called the Mesa Reports (1, 2, and 3).

“According to the media, I’m a Trump-supporting election fraud conspiracy theorist guilty of perpetuating the ‘Big Lie,’” she stated in the film. She added that the media is, “wiring our mind to distrust anyone who thinks differently.”

Peters, a cancer survivor and gold star mom of a Navy SEAL, was elected in 2018 as Mesa County’s elections clerk. She was cast into the hot seat when people began bringing information to her office related to potential election fraud. “In my mind, I was going through this scenario…and so I’m running all this through my head…I’m trying to disprove it but not trying to be foolish about it,” she shared.

She went on, “I realized that there were a lot of questions that they had, and that there were a lot of answers that I didn’t have.”

In April 2021, a municipal election in the “70 percent red community” of Mesa raised alarm bells for Peters when the four candidates who netted victory knew what the election results were before she did.

“No one knows what those results are until we upload them and publish them,” Peters said. She described that event as a moment “where the lightbulb goes off.”

Peters further discussed the “trusted build” voting upgrade that was required to be built into her county’s elections system. The upgrade would have deleted a QR code “that would have made it impossible” to complete an audit had one been requested.

She added, “I am obligated to preserve everything pertaining to an election for 25 months in the state of Colorado.”

On May 25, 2021, election officials from the secretary of state’s office began working on the election machines in Mesa County, allegedly wiping the data from the standing election server and replacing it with a different one, per a comparison of two forensic images taken before and after the visit.

A graphic from “[S]election Code” illustrates how the Mesa County databases were separated.

A lead investigator regarding the election irregularities in Mesa County featured in the film, Jeff O’Donnell, contends that everything that was on the server before “trusted build” came into the county clerk’s office was removed.

He said that “something inside the system created NEW databases for two out of the three” databases used within Mesa County. O’Connell also pointed out that, essentially, a “new set of books were created” that moved at least 20,000 ballot records to the new database and left 5,500 behind.

For her part, Peters has undergone intense scrutiny for her decision to make a backup copy of the Mesa County election server. In 2021, her home was raided by the FBI, and in March 2022, she was indicted by a Mesa County grand jury for “leaking sensitive voting machine data,” per Yahoo News.

“It all begins and ends at the ballot box,” Peters concluded in the film. “…The more I lose, the more I gain. The only thing I’m not willing to give up is my country.”

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