Senators react to Biden’s ‘incredibly dangerous’ comments abroad

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Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Marco Rubio, R-Fla., called Biden’s recent gaffes “incredibly dangerous” and “damaging” Monday and Tuesday in their reactions to Biden’s disastrous trip to Europe.

Cruz told Sean Hannity on Fox News, “Watching the cascade of blunders from Biden-that’s five gaffes in 48 hours. I don’t recall ever seeing an American president mess things up so badly.”

Biden’s gaffes have caused Americans and America’s allies across the world serious concern. During his speech in Poland, Biden called Vladimir Putin a “butcher” and said that Putin “cannot remain in power.”

Biden’s comments immediately alarmed world leaders, leading French President Emmanuel Macron to say, “I wouldn’t use this type of wording because I continue to hold discussions with President Putin.”

Russian spokesperson Dmitry Peskov also addressed Biden’s comments, saying, “A state leader should control his temper.” He added, “Personal insults like this narrow the window of opportunity for our bilateral relations under the current administration.”

Cruz explained to Hannity how Biden made multiple comments that his administration has attempted to walk back. He said, “From calling for regime change, then calling that back, from suggesting America would launch chemical weapons to walking that back, from suggesting the 82nd airborne would be sent to Ukraine to calling that back.”

“He also said sanctions never work,” Cruz continued, “Despite their talking points having been for months that the threat of sanctions is precisely why he waved sanctions on Nordstream 2.”

After listing Biden’s gaffes and his attempts to walk back those comments, Cruz said, “Sean, this is like Mr. Magoo as president.” He added, “Every time he explains one thing, it gets worse and worse and worse. Cruz explained the danger is significant, because, “We’ve got nuclear weapons pointed at each other.”

In the wake of Biden’s trip to Europe, the administration certainly has seemed to make things “worse and worse” by its attempts at damage control. In a press conference Monday, Biden even claimed to never have made the statements reported by the media.

Biden’s comments have left Americans questioning his ability to lead the United States and highlighted the current administration’s weakness. Cruz stated on Fox News, “It is incredibly dangerous, this kind of presidential weakness.”

Sen. Marco Rubio also released a statement on Biden’s recent comments, saying, “President Biden’s verbal miscues & mistakes aren’t just embarrassing gaffes.” He added, “They are damaging the confidence of our allies & bolstering the confidence of our adversaries.”

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