‘She’s illegitimate & she knows it’: Kari Lake’s team responds to Katie Hobbs’s request to throw out election lawsuit

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Op-ed by Jessica Marie Baumgartner | Photo: Alamy

Katie Hobbs, who was certified as Arizona governor under duress, recently filed a motion to have Kari Lake’s election lawsuit thrown out, per the Arizona Daily Star. The Kari Lake War Room responded on Twitter Tuesday by questioning Hobbs’s legitimacy and offering a promise of “more evidence to come.” 

The same day, RSBN reported that the Arizona Senate Committee was presented with evidence concerning issues with the 2022 midterm elections. We the People AZ Alliance Chair Shelby Bush claimed voting machine system log files displayed that just under a quarter of a million ballots were incorrectly cataloged.

In addition, Kari Lake shared the Patriot Project’s coverage of the GOP’s censuring of Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer and four other GOP county board supervisors. These officials face permanent expulsion from office in a 1,460 vote to 138, with 36 members abstaining. 

This expulsion is connected to these individuals’ lack of cooperation with the Arizona State audit of the 2020 election and their response to the 2022 midterm election issues. 

Per the Arizona Sun Times, The Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) passed nine other resolutions regarding election integrity and party affiliation. These included measures to identify and remove “phantom voters” from precinct voter rolls, eject Republicans from positions if they violate party stances, and “hold elected officials accountable” to their oath to the Constitution.

Kari Lake has faced much criticism over questioning election integrity, but she is dedicated to her cause with the support of the MCRC. 

Her quest to be heard in court continues with the next hearing set to take place on Feb. 1. According to Newsweek, the court date was expedited after she won her appeal and her request for the case to be handled as a “special action petition” was granted.

Hobbs has already begun performing duties as Arizona state governor. If her request is denied, she will have to face Kari Lake’s allegations on the public stage.

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