Stealing an election 101: Ballot collectors, stash houses and mules

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Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza says that elections are the lifeblood of America’s democracy in his newest film, “2000 Mules,” however, the “2020 election haunts the American mind.”

In the documentary, D’Souza delves into harrowing reports of election fraud from the 2020 presidential election, specifically focusing on the issue of ballot trafficking. Utilizing determinative data collected by the election integrity group True the Vote, D’Souza examines whether or not ballot trafficking alone was enough to sway the 2020 presidential election results across several key states.

True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht discussed the parameters of their extensive investigation with election intelligence specialist Gregg Phillips, revealing that they had purchased data of people who were spending time visiting drop boxes – a total of 10 trillion signals.

Phillips stated that the 2000 mules they discovered “had to have been to ten or more drop boxes…unique visits inside a space.”

The “mules” referred to in the film are defined as individuals hired to transport ballots illegally to drop boxes throughout different counties in key states – and some, allegedly, in states where they didn’t even live.

“A mule, by our definition, is a person who is involved in picking up ballots from locations and running them to the drop boxes,” Engelbrecht said.

She also shared that the pattern for trafficking is very similar. Ballot trafficking involves a non-profit or activist organization, people who are collecting the ballots and running them to the drop boxes. Engelbrecht referred to these three entities in the film as the stash houses, the collectors, and the mules.

“To us…it felt a lot like a cartel, it felt a lot like trafficking…in this instance, it’s ballot trafficking,” she said. “So, we began to use that vernacular.”

Further, True the Vote was able to pinpoint locations and drop box visit frequency for each identified mule by utilizing the technology of geotracking.

“So, the idea is to collect signals that are emitted from your phone,” Phillips explained. Cell phones that deliver data to different apps, including location, latitude, longitude, and time, can be used to build a pattern of life around an individual.

D’Souza pointed out that geotracking is often used by law enforcement and military agencies, and Phillips confirmed this.

Using geotracking, True the Vote was able to identify a staggering number of ballot traffickers delivering illegal ballots in swing states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

With the criterion set at an average of 38 drop box visits with five illegal ballots per drop by 2,000 mules, 380,000 illegal votes are estimated to be stolen.

D’Souza alleges in the film that this would flip presidential election results in several of the swing states and net President Trump a 279 electoral vote victory.

Even more shocking, lowering the criterion to an average of five drop box visits with three ballots per drop by 54,000 mules totals 810,000 illegal votes. This calculation would result in a 305 electoral vote victory for President Trump.

“In no case is it acceptable to be paid for your ballot or to accept some type of remuneration of your ballot,” Engelbrecht added.

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