Steve Carra presents his case for strong conservative values ahead of Trump’s Michigan rally

by Timothy Frudd

Photo credit: Alamy

Trump-endorsed Michigan State Rep. Steve Carra highlighted the need for strong conservative leaders with a commitment to the people they represent in an interview with RSBN ahead of Trump’s highly anticipated Michigan rally Saturday.

Carra received the endorsement of President Donald Trump to run for Congress against Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., in September. However, he is now running for reelection as a state representative due to redistricting.

The lawmaker, who describes himself as an America First candidate, said the top priority for Michigan voters is to “stop tyranny and the radical left from destroying our country.”

Highlighting the impact of President Trump’s rallies, Carra opined, “I think it energizes the grassroots and patriots and people who have a vision to restore our constitutional republic.” His reelection campaign is focused on serving his community and developing a good government in Michigan that does not overreach.

“We have too many weak Republicans who go along to get along,” Carra warned, “And we need fighters who are going to stand up for the principles that we are elected to go there and represent.”

Carra’s platform’s issues include pro-life values, lower taxes, pro-gun rights, election integrity, preventing government mandates, defending the Constitution, and standing up for freedom in America.

When asked about future Covid-19 mandates imposed on the state of Michigan, Carra ensured that he is “adamantly opposed to any mandates.” He explained that the state government should have cut off funding for the governor’s budget when she continued to “unconstitutionally violate the rights of the people.”

Election integrity is central to Carra’s campaign message. “I’ve been fighting for election integrity since before the November 3 election,” he stated, adding that he even won an election lawsuit against Michigan’s secretary of state. However, the state representative emphasized that he is not done fighting for election integrity. He promised, “to continue to lead the charge for fair, honest, and transparent elections.”

Another issue that is important to Carra is defending the unborn. The Trump-endorsed candidate supports the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case that is currently being debated by the Supreme Court by signing an amicus brief on behalf of pro-life advocates. “I’m confident that this is the best chance we’ve had at taking down Roe v. Wade, and I’m optimistic it’s going to happen this summer,” he stated.

Carra’s strong position on conservative values sets him apart from other lawmakers who stand by and allow the Democrats to impose their will on the American people. He summarized his message, saying, “I’m a proven conservative fighter, and I’m not afraid to go against the grain and be a loud voice for the people.”

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