Ten faith-filled highlights from Trump’s pro-GOD speech in Tennessee

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump delivered a slate of inspiring remarks on Thursday evening in Nashville, Tennessee, where he spoke strongly about faith, family, freedom, and peacemaking at the National Religious Broadcasters Presidential Forum.

“I will be your peacemaker,” he promised, vowing to prevent World War III.

Trump started his remarks late in the evening, but that didn’t stop him from delivering a jam-packed speech to excited NRB convention attendees. His comments were fresh and unique, centering largely on protecting the rights of Christians, Catholics, and people of all faiths across the nation.

Here are the top highlights from the president’s remarks on Thursday night:

  • He said that if the county were to be saved, “it will be thanks to the men and women like you…the people who make God’s work YOUR work.”
  • Trump paid homage to the 1944 founding of the NRB, noting that its wartime conception was similar to the precarious situation of freedom in America today. He pointed out that Christians knew then that the survival of America “depended not only on the force of American arms, but also on the FAITH in American hearts.”
  • Trump said that the greatest threat to American freedom was “from within.”
  • He called on the power of “Almighty God” and the “Creator” in the mortal struggle against the communists, fascists, and political opponents who are attempting to erode the strength of American might.
  • Trump called on Christians to get off the “sidelines” and do what they had to do to save the country and protect their freedoms.
  • He highlighted his accomplishments during his administration, which included supporting school prayer, protecting the unborn, and ultimately terminating Roe v. Wade because of his Supreme Court justice appointments.
  • Trump pledged to abolish the Department of Education and move education back to the states and into the hands of parents. He also vowed to assist homeschooling families.
  • Further, Trump said that he would establish a special task force that would address the persecution of people of faith at the behest of the Biden-driven Department of Justice.
  • Trump made a STRONG promise to keep radical leftists away from the sacred Christian cross. “No one will be touching the cross of Christ under the Trump administration,” he said.
  • The president also added a new promise upon a request from the NRB: “I will do my part to protect A.M. radio in our cars.”

“The primary is Tuesday, March 5th, less than two weeks from now, so get out there and vote,” he urged the Tennessee crowd, highlighting their upcoming GOP primary election.

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