The American youth’s admiration of Donald Trump

by Preston Parra

Op-ed by Preston Parra | Photo: Alamy

President Donald J. Trump caught the attention of America’s youth long before his triumphant claim to the Oval Office. His position as one of the nation’s most successful real estate moguls was a part of the initial appeal to the younger demographic of the nation. 

Power, confidence, and grit were and still remain vital attributes of the 45th president’s character. For that reason, the youth, particularly young men, view Trump as a bold and encouraging role model.

His entrance into politics certainly bolstered that image. It could even be said that without young supporters, the America First president would have been left without his most vocal base of voters. 

Many conservative social media influencers credit their style to Trump’s uncensored and unwavering approach to life. Media Influencer and Political Strategist Alex Lorusso, 25, who goes by the social media handle “ALX,” said the following about Trump’s impact on him: “Trump revolutionized the use of social media for Republicans from boring, low-engagement posts to fun, high-energy Tweets and made it the battlefield for American politics.”

Lorusso also told RSBN, “My use of social media reflects that [Trump’s social media rebranding] and I use it as a tool to help drive and shape news cycles.”

News personality and sophomore at the University of Chicago, Daniel Schmidt, 19, had his own take on the MAGA president, commenting, “I remember watching Trump’s first announcement in middle school and being amazed by how much he sounded like an ordinary person. I knew nothing about politics, but I felt the realness. I tuned into every speech.”

The student continued, “Here was a man who, despite being a multi-billionaire, was more relatable than any other experienced politician. He ditched the political correctness, the corporate talking points, and the fake academic jargon. He trusted his gut and instincts more than seasoned political consultants.”

Schmidt concluded:

“I became interested in politics because of his candidacy, and I think the same is true for millions of young men across the country.”

Although the mainstream media attempts to push the narrative that Trump’s only base of supporters is older and uninformed, that could not be further from reality. Trump’s audience is comprised of a diverse sea of varying ages and ethnic backgrounds with one sole mission, to “Make America Great Again.”

The youth seems to gravitate toward the 45th president because they see him as the only figure willing to stand up for the future that is at stake for them. With no one controlling him, and no real profit to be made, he represents something that few other American politicians do: a voice for the voiceless.

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