The REAL president meets with Polish leader in Trump Tower

Photo: Courtesy of Team Trump on X

Leaders from around the world are consistently choosing to meet with President Donald Trump rather than Joe Biden, hinting at exactly how much respect the 45th president commands on the world stage in 2024.

On Wednesday, Trump welcomed Polish President Andrzej Duda to New York, where the two men met for over two hours in the president’s apartment in the famed Trump Tower. According to a readout from the Trump campaign, they discussed the war between Russia and Ukraine, the Middle East conflict concerning Israel, and President Duda’s recent proposal that NATO countries raise defense spending to three percent.

From the campaign:

“President Trump fondly recalled his landmark trip to Poland in 2017 and praised the Polish people for steadfast defense of their sovereignty and to their commitment to the security of Europe’s borders from any and all threats. President Trump is a big fan of Poland and of the Polish people.”

A video posted to Truth Social by President Trump showed him welcoming President Duda to New York City in Trump Tower, where they briefly addressed the press.

This is not the first world leader who has met with Trump heading into the 2024 general election. According to The New York Times, Trump recently met with British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, who went out of his way to swing by Palm Beach, Florida, to sit down with the 45th president while he was visiting the United States in early April.

Other reports have revealed that Trump spoke with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the phone this spring, teeing up even more speculation that global leaders are looking to Trump as the nation’s leader as Biden continues to falter on the world stage.

In March, Trump welcomed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to his home, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, in yet another show of diplomacy. As reported by RSBN, PM Orban snubbed top White House officials in favor of meeting with Trump, signaling, again, that President Trump is the only executive leader in the U.S. who currently commands respect.

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