The truth about Jan. 6 protestors revealed in new video footage

2E4W74Y January 6.2021, Conservative crowd of Trump supporters descending on US Capitol Building after Save America March. Capitol Hill, Washington DC USA

The Jan. 6 protests remain a serious topic of conversation across the nation. While mainstream media outlets, celebrities, and politicians have decried what happened as a violent riot, new footage continues to challenge that narrative. 

Just the News recently obtained the security camera recordings and reported that these images revealed how the U.S. Capitol building was not secured on the west side and allowed over 300 people to peacefully walk through the doors. 

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson previously reported on unseen security camera footage earlier this year. The images captured displayed a much tamer view of American protestors as well. 

It was this footage which allowed for the release of Jan. 6 prisoner, Jacob Chansley. Also known as Jacob Angeli, he spoke at a recent church event in Scottsdale Arizona, per KJZZ, where he stated, “They made me a straw man.” 

Just the News noted that the video footage does display Capitol police moving toward the breach, but upon arrival, they stood aside as protestors continued to enter the building. 

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., told Just the News, “Some people did enter the Capitol, not by committing acts of violence, but were literally let in.”

In addition, former FBI agent, Steven Friend worked on the Jan. 6 case and resigned as a whistleblower due to “civil liberty violations” of Jan. 6 prisoners. He told Just the News, “They didn’t even position authority figures there who would admonish folks not to use that door.”

He also stated, “I think there was a general sentiment among people there who even might have thought that it was more of just a regular tour of the building.”

Meanwhile, multiple other Jan. 6 prisoners remain in jail over the controversial protest. 

Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, commented on the situation to Just the News. He said, “They picked and chose what they wanted to expose during that sham committee.”

He added, “when you truly see the video, there are hours and hours of no violence, non-violent protesters just walking around inside the Capitol, waving their flags, singing God Bless America.”

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