There is no Christmas without Jesus Christ

by David Crum

Op-ed by David Crum | Photo: Adobe Stock

As Christians worldwide prepare for Christmas, reflecting on the day’s historical significance, traditions, and meaning remains essential.

Most Christian scholars agree that the historical date of Christmas is December 25th, if not very close. Christians practice and observe the day as the birth of Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of the world.

Ancient church traditions and calendars acknowledge December 25th, leading most theologians to agree on the customary practice of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus’ birth ushered in a new chapter for humanity. The expected Redeemer and Savior of the world was born in Bethlehem, fulfilling a prophecy.

Believers find salvation through the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

We widely practice Christmas worldwide, especially in locations where Christianity has influenced the regions.

Undoubtedly, customs have emerged over the last several decades that have attempted to take Jesus out of the celebrated day. People have recently replaced the once-used phrase “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays.” Christians should be careful not to fall victim to such secular practices.

There is nothing wrong with presents, family gatherings, meals, and other Christmas traditions. However, as the body of Christ, it remains imperative to underline the significance of Jesus, His birth, and His role in your life and your loved ones’ lives.

The love of Christ is the most fundamental tenet one can share and practice on this significant day. Naturally, mankind resists God and His ways. Taking Christ out of Christmas can cause a more secular-centered holiday, perhaps allowing idolatry or covetousness to rule the day. It remains crucial not to fall victim to such greed and selfishness.

In a day where biblical principles and the nation’s historical influence and connection to Christianity are under attack, it is perhaps easier to toss church traditions aside and embrace new thinking and practices. Resist the temptation and solemnly declare Jesus Christ is the foundation of your life, priorities, and the center of your celebrations.

Like Thanksgiving, Christmas combines family traditions with customs of the past. Invite friends and family to your gatherings, always seeking opportunities to share the Gospel.

Jesus ordered His followers to pick up their cross daily and follow Him (Luke 9:23-24). Ask yourselves if you are faithfully serving and walking with Him. Are you serving as the light and salt of the world? If not, it is never too late while you are still alive.

Christmas is a beautiful day and one that children and adults alike rejoice in. We share and create memories. With this one day, believers can make a difference in this fallen world. From evangelizing, serving the needy, visiting the sick, and sharing the Good News, Christians can ensure the significance of Christmas is not only on Jesus Christ but also that the legacy of the Savior does not disappear.

Remember that Christ proclaimed, “Believers are not of this world,” in John 17, and they should always keep their focus on heaven.

By all means, spread the love of Jesus to your family, neighbors, and all of humanity. Exchange gifts, love, and fellowship, but always profess the greatest gift of all time is salvation found in Jesus Christ.

In a day where technology rules the day, put your phone aside, shut your electronics off, and get back to the basics; love and fellowship centered on Christ. Similarly, avoid the divisive conversations of often hateful political discourses and divisions, find common ground with your visitors, and model the teachings of Christ.

Enjoy your day. Spread the love of Jesus.

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