‘This is where your taxpayer dollars are going, America!’: Alina Habba goes OFF at Trump’s trial

2WET66H New York, USA. 26th Jan, 2024. Donald Trump's lawyer, Alina Habba, speaks to the press outside of Manhattan federal court following the verdict in E. Jean Carroll's second defamation trial against former U.S. president, Donald Trump. The jury ordered Trump to pay Carroll $83.3 million in damages for statements Trump made in 2019. In 2019, Trump made statements denying Carroll's allegations that Trump raped her in 1996. Habba said Trump's legal team will appeal the verdict. (Credit Image: © Jimin Kim/SOPA Images via ZUMA Press Wire) EDITORIAL USAGE ONLY! Not for Commercial USAGE! Credit: ZUMA P

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Trump attorney and spokeswoman Alina Habba thrashed the justice system this week over its unending prosecution of her client, the 45th president, as she spoke to the press about Trump’s civil fraud suit and his ongoing criminal trial in Manhattan.

She slammed New York Attorney General Letitia James’ attempts to invalidate President Trump’s $175 million bond in the civil suit, firing off, “This is where your taxpayer dollars are going, America! … Witch hunt after witch hunt.”

In a win for Trump, AG James’ arguments that his $175 million bond should be invalidated were struck down in court this week when a judge ruled that the amount would be allowed to stand, per RSBN.

On Monday, Habba pivoted away from the civil suit and turned her attention toward speaking about Trump’s criminal trial in New York. In Manhattan, the president is facing 34 counts related to the so-called “hush money” payment that was made to porn actress Stormy Daniels, while he was under the legal advisement of Michael Cohen, an attorney who has now been disbarred.

She argued, “We’re here because of something that happened while he was in the White House that wasn’t even WRONG? It was not wrong. You hire lawyers to solve problems, lawyers solve those problems, you pay them – that’s it.”

Habba added, “This is a joke, it’s an affront to our American Constitution, an affront to our judicial system, and it’s an affront to every lawyer that cares about their license, that cares about what is right and wrong.”

She pointed out that the president’s opposition was “all afraid of 2024 and you know what – they should be, because the American people are not stupid, they see what’s going on.”

Trump has been forced to maintain nearly full-time residence in New York for the duration of the “hush money” trial in Manhattan, which is expected to last at least six weeks.

Habba has also argued that Trump’s enemies are utilizing a two-pronged attack on Trump to block him in 2024. “The fact that we have two courts, not one — criminal and civil — being used against one man because they cannot beat him in the polls is a disgrace to the American judicial system,” she said, via Breitbart.

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