Thousands gather in Washington state to protest vaccine mandate: ‘Our bodies, our choice!’

More than 3,000 Washington state residents gathered on the state capitol in Olympia to rally against Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all state workers with no option to be tested regularly.

Gov. Inslee’s order announced in August requires all 63,000 state workers to be vaccinated by Oct. 18 or face termination, according to The Seattle Times. Inslee mandates all workers to receive their final short by Oct. 4. The mandate includes school employees and private health care workers.

The “No, you move” Rally began Sunday as thousands upon thousands of Americans gathered between the state legislative Building and the Temple of Justice to demand medical freedom, The Olympian reported.

“We’re adults, and we know how to take care of ourselves,” Kelly Coyles, former state Department of Transportation employee who retired due to the mandate, said. “I don’t believe you should force someone to inject something in their body that they don’t want and lose your livelihood.”

Dena Eagan, who attended the rally with Coyles, told The Olympian that she showed up at the rally to “stand with all these other people. It’s our bodies, our choice.”

Many videos taken at the rally circulated showing protesters holding American flags and signs reading, “Stand for health freedom” and “No forced vaccination” while proudly singing the National Anthem.

The Washington state protests and growing demonstrations in New York City are some of the first to take place here in the United States after protests abroad have been expanding across Europe and Australia for several months.

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