Thousands pack in for Trump at Iowa campaign stops

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump captured the hearts of Iowans on Wednesday in Maquoketa and Dubuque, clinching what is all but guaranteed to be a massive win for his reelection campaign in January 2024 in the anticipated Iowa caucuses.

Trump’s visit to Iowa was one of several this year, and on Wednesday, he packed the house with thousands of supporters in both Maquoketa and Dubuque, with countless supporters lining up outside each event, hoping to catch a glimpse of the 45th president.

 According to Trump Senior Advisor Jason Miller, an estimated 2,500 people filled the venue in Dubuque.

“Absolutely packed crowd with overflow outside,” Trump spokesman Steven Cheung wrote on X. “Make no mistake….Iowa is Trump Country.”

President Trump delivered remarks at both stops that centered on his Agenda47 policy items, heavily hitting on securing the southern border, touching a little on abortion, and slamming his opponent, Joe Biden.

In his remarks, the president vowed to not only secure the southern border by utilizing federal law enforcement and immigration enforcement, but he also pointed out that he would use all resources necessary to halt what he called the “invasion” at “our own southern border.”

According to the Associated Press, the president also made a stop at Kathy’s Treehouse Pub and Eatery in Bettendorf, where he handed out pizzas, took photos with supporters, and signed autographs. The president even had some fun while he signed the tank top of a female bartender while people looked on and cheered.

Trump drew massive crowds wherever he went in Iowa, demonstrating the unmitigated power of his grassroots appeal. In August, the president headed to the Iowa State Fair. In early September, he attended the Iowa-Iowa State football game.

According to the most recent GOP primary poll, President Trump is handily leading in the polls in Iowa. A new ISU/Civiqs poll, for example, demonstrated 51 percent of support among likely caucus-goers, compared with Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., who netted just 14 percent.

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