TMTG asks Congress to investigate SEC for alleged delay of DWAC merger

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Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) CEO Devin Nunes explained why Congress must investigate the Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) alleged delay of the anticipated merger between TMTG and Digital World Acquisition Group (DWAC) during an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo.

“Typically, these deals, Maria – they get done somewhere between 90 to 120 days. You know, we’re going on now, almost a year, and we’ve heard absolutely nothing,” he explained. “And so, I think what’s going on here is the SEC is simply just trying to run out the clock so that the lifetime of this…finance company, it ends in September and it dissolves.”

Per Just the News, TMTG, which is the parent company for President Trump’s successful free speech platform venture, Truth Social, has written a letter to the chairmen of the House Judiciary, Oversight and Financial Services Committees, asking them to probe the SEC in response to the unusually slow review process regarding the merger.

Regarding who the “players” who Nunes believed were allegedly holding up the merger, he mentioned Gary Gensler, who is the SEC Chairman and formerly the CFO of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign.

Nunes pointed out that, “the head of the SEC is someone who was heavily involved in the Russia Hoax” and that while investigating him in 2017 and 2018, “we found out that he was the guy who made the payments to a law firm who then moved it on to Fusion GPS – I think all of your viewers know that story.”

Nunes also noted how remarkable it was that the very same man who had been connected to the now-debunked and false Russia Hoax story aimed at discrediting President Donald Trump was now the chairman of the SEC.

In yet another alarming twist, Nunes pointed out that Peter Strzok, a mainstay fixture of the Russia Hoax probe, had a connection to the SEC through his wife, Melissa Hodgman, who sits in a leadership position with the agency.

In fact, according to a report from The Federalist, Hodgman was hired at the SEC’s acting director of the Division of Enforcement in 2021.

“Why are these people involved?” Nunes remarked. “How can they possibly be unbiased at the SEC if they’re people that we have had under investigation or related to people – in any normal world, you would recuse from this.”

He concluded, “What they’re trying to do, is they’re trying to take one of the fastest-growing social media companies in history, that we set out a year ago to build a company that didn’t rely on any Big Tech companies – and we’ve done it, as you well know with our partnership with Rumble…and we can’t have access to the capital markets just like any other company can? I think it’s really, really corrupt and I think the more time that goes by I think that Congress, as they begin to look into this, is going to figure out just how deep this is.”

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