Trump 2024 offers hope of a brighter future for America’s young voters

by Summer Lane

Op-ed by Summer Lane | Photo: Alamy

President Ronald Reagan once stated that freedom was never more than “one generation away from extinction,” indicating the integral importance of passing down the values of liberty and freedom to America’s youngest citizens.

In 2023, the nation continues to collapse into chaos. The southern border is facilitating rampant illegal immigration, human and drug trafficking, and catastrophic cartel activity. The world is dangerously perched on the cliff of World War III as the Biden regime foolishly continues to fund Ukraine’s war efforts against Russia.

Headed into a historic and crucial 2024 presidential election next year, there is only one conservative candidate who has captured the support of the nation’s young voters: President Donald Trump.

Trump offers a forward-looking vision

President Donald Trump offers a political departure from Republican candidates of yesteryear. His forward-looking Agenda47 policy platform is sprinkled with exciting ideas that will propel America to unprecedented new heights.

His Quantum Leap initiative, for example, pitches a futuristic vision of American creativity and technological advances, embracing a pioneering spirit in a bid to build new cities, revolutionize transportation systems, and revive the dream of home ownership.

The youth of today faces an economic landscape where home ownership is out of reach, student debt is crushing their pocketbooks, and hyperinflation is decimating the free market.

Trump explained in his Quantum Leap initiative, “It is time to start talking about GREATNESS for our country again. I will dramatically increase living standards and build a future that brings our country together through excitement, opportunity, and success.”

Young voters want the truth

As America slogs through the chaotic swirl of a post-truth culture, President Trump’s campaign sets forth a stark contrast against society’s fluid definitions of gender, justice, and equality.

Suicide and depression have reached new heights. In 2021 alone, more than 48,000 Americans took their own lives, AFSP revealed. Children and young adults are being told by the modern culture that their worth and value are intrinsically linked to their gender identity. Even worse, young women everywhere are facing the erasure of their own gender as transgender-identifying men continue to invade women’s spaces.

President Trump is a resounding voice of common sense amid the cacophony of confusing narratives ripping American society apart. He has vowed to end the onslaught of attacks against women’s sports and pledged to eradicate radical gender ideology from the public school classroom.

“The left-wing gender insanity being pushed on our children is an act of child abuse,” he stated recently.

He will additionally outlaw “gender affirming care” in all 50 states and he will ask Congress to halt federal taxpayer dollars from being used to promote or pay for those procedures.

Pop culture and the mainstream media has only added fuel to the moral chaos pervading U.S. communities, and President Trump’s policies on these social issues is a breath of fresh air for many beleaguered and frustrated young people.

Trump’s energy is attracting young voters

Trump will be 78 when he potentially wins reelection next November, but with age comes wisdom. President Trump has hit the 2024 campaign trail with more energy and focus than ever before, promising “retribution” and “justice” in the face of a corrupt Deep State establishment.

In fact, President Trump’s energy and message is so appealing to conservative voters that he is overwhelmingly popular with voters who were originally predicted to swing toward Trump’s Republican political opponent.

As previously reported by RSBN, Trump has a 50-point over Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., with Republican voters under the age of 45, according to a Fox News poll. This is incredibly significant, because it indicates that DeSantis, who is just 44 years-old, has been rejected by his own nationwide voting demographic.

President Trump also decimated the playing field at Turning Point Action’s recent conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, where thousands of young attendees were asked to participate in a straw poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group.

In the poll, they were asked who their first choice for the 2024 GOP presidential nominee would be. President Trump wiped the floor with a massive 78-point lead over the runner-up, businessman Perry Johnson, who scored just 7.8 percent of support against Trump’s 85.7 percent.

DeSantis, who is much younger, won just over 4 percent of support, coming in third place.

The message has been sent loud and clear: young patriots in America today trust President Trump’s leadership, and they want to see him drain the Washington swamp once and for all.

Trump believes in the generation of tomorrow

President Trump called on the “young patriots” of America to take a stand for freedom during his remarks at the Turning Point Action Conference, highlighting their significant role in reclaiming the nation’s lost liberties.

He declared, “This election will decide whether your generation inherits a FASCIST country or a FREE country—whether you will have the rule of tyrants or the rule of law—whether Marxist radicals burn our civilization to the ground, which they’re looking to do, or young patriots like you propel America to glorious new heights – GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE.”

The president shared a message of hope with young conservatives, applauding them for rejecting “conformity” and standing strong against the “thought police” ravaging free speech in the country today.

He affirmed, “That’s why YOU are the ones who are going to take back America, and you are the ones who are going to make America great again!”

With the support of America’s youngest voters, President Donald Trump’s campaign is quickly rising to dizzying new heights as the generation of tomorrow embraces his message of hope, prosperity, and national greatness.

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