Trump announces next rally in key swing-state

J4DG72 President Donald Trump concludes a rally held in Harrisburg, PA to commemorate his 100th day in office, Saturday, April 29, 2017.

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President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, June 22.

The 45th president is scheduled to give remarks at the Liacouras Center, beginning at 7:00 p.m. ET, with doors opening at 3:00 p.m. ET.

Tickets for the campaign rally can be found HERE.

During the event, President Trump will highlight how Joe Biden’s “weak presidency is devastating American families,” the campaign press release read, citing the incumbent’s dastardly low approval rating among Pennsylvanians.

According to the latest Marist survey of 1,277 Registered Voters, 44 percent of Pennsylvanians approve of Biden’s tenure in office, compared to 54 percent of those who disapproved.

The Trump campaign added in its announcement that Pennsylvanians “are feeling the effects of Biden’s failed policies where it hurts the most—their wallets.”

“Life is excruciatingly expensive under Joe Biden, with prices spiking more than 17% since Biden took office, the Trump campaign added. “Run-away inflation caused by Bidenomics is costing the average family in Pennsylvania nearly $1000 per month.”

They further added that it has become “too expensive for families to pay for basic expenses and has made home buying unreachable for many Americans as the median home price jumped 31 percent in the last three years.”

Pennsylvania Association of Realtors MLS data reported that the median sale price for homes across the Keystone State increased from an average of $167,000 in the final year of the Trump presidency to $219,000 in 2023.

The press release read further, “Not only are the people of Pennsylvania hurting financially, but Biden’s pro-criminal and open border policies are putting families in harm’s way. Last year Pennsylvania experienced a surge in crime with a record 512 homicides, the highest in at least six decades. Failed Joe Biden has done nothing to solve the crime wave but instead chose to surround himself with ‘defund the police’ supporters.”

The press release concluded, “President Donald Trump loves the people of Pennsylvania. President Trump will ease the financial pressures placed on households and re-establish law and order in Pennsylvania. We can Make America Great Again by tackling lawlessness head-on, ceasing the endless flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border, and reversing the detrimental effects of inflation by restoring America’s wealth.”

This rally will be President Trump’s fourth visit to Pennsylvania and second to Philadelphia this year. In April, he held his most recent Pennsylvania rally in Lehigh Valley. He delivered the keynote address to the National Rifle Association (NRA) back in February and shortly thereafter announced his line of Trump sneakers at Philadelphia’s SneakerCon.

However, polls indicate that the state—although leaning slightly in favor of Trump—will be close in determining the winner of its 19 Electoral College votes.

The Marist survey found Biden slightly behind Trump, with 45 percent of Pennsylvanians opting to support the Democrat against 47 percent for the 45th president.

Three percent pledged to support Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., while Independent Cornel West and the Green Party’s Jill Stein each tied with one percent.

Thus, President Trump’s rally in the state will be of the utmost importance as he aims to court undecided Pennsylvanian voters. Traveling to a blue city such as Philadelphia, the 45th president is likely making attempts to make gains in typical Democrat-run enclaves as part of his trail-blaze efforts into liberal-heavy areas.

As part of these efforts, President Trump held campaign rallies in both Wildwood, New Jersey, and in the South Bronx of New York City—another possible play at blue cities.

If the 45th president is able to sway voters in these blue enclaves, he will most certainly defeat Joe Biden.

RSBN will provide full, live coverage of President Trump’s rally in Philadelphia.

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