Trump announces next rally, invites patriotic children’s choir that was kicked out of Capitol

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

In a gesture of support and patriotism, President Trump has invited the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir to sing at his next rally in South Carolina.

The children’s choir made waves in the media over the last week after a video surfaced online of Capitol Police halting their performance of the National Anthem inside the Capitol Building.

President Trump released a video addressing the situation.

He stated, “I heard about what happened at the Capitol and that’s a shame – really that’s a serious thing. To have such an event like that…to be interrupted in such a way. But we’re going to have you in South Carolina and you’re going to sing at a rally for us in front of tens of thousands of people and we’re all going to have a great time together. We love our country, we’re going to take care of our country, and we’re going to respect to the people who love it.”

According to The Hill, Capitol Police claim that the children were stopped from singing because of a “miscommunication.”

However, two of the choir directors who aided in putting the trip together claimed that they had worked with Republican representatives from South Carolina to obtain permission in advance to sing in the Capitol Building ahead of time, per their report.

Trump added, “So, Rushingbrook, remember, South Carolina, at our first rally, it will be announced soon, and you’re going to be there. And thank you for everything and THANK YOU for loving America.”

The location and date of Trump’s upcoming rally in South Carolina will be announced soon.

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