Trump attacks Joe Biden as a ‘MENTAL CATASTROPHE’ who has gone ‘MAD’

2C8YJNJ Washington, United States. 27th July, 2020. President Donald Trump talks to the media as he departs from the South Lawn of the White House to visit North Carolina, on Monday, July 28, 2020 in Washington, DC. Photo by Chris Kleponis/UPI Credit: UPI/Alamy Live News

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President Donald Trump accused Joe Biden of being “a stark raving lunatic” who is “LEADING OUR COUNTRY TO HELL” in new comments posted to Truth Social on Thursday.

He explained, “I think that Crooked Joe Biden is not only dumb and incompetent, I believe he has gone MAD, a stark raving Lunatic, with his HORRIBLE AND COUNTRY THREATENING ENVIRONMENTAL, OPEN BORDERS, & DOJ/FBI WEAPONIZATION POLICIES.”


As Trump has emerged as the overwhelming favorite for the 2024 GOP presidential nominee, it appears imminent that the 45th president will once again be facing Joe Biden in a general election.

Trump continued, “What Crooked Joe Biden, who can’t string two sentences together, has done to our once great Country through his Open Borders CATASTROPHE, may go down as the greatest and most damaging mistake ever made in USA HISTORY.”

President Trump has previously stated that he believes that 15 million people are set to illegally immigrate into the United States, suggesting that the illegal border crossings are much higher than what has been officially reported.

He told Just the News in May, “Millions of people are flowing in – I think the number’s going to be 15 million people, by the way, a number you haven’t heard.”

On Truth Social, Trump remarked, “It is not even believable that such incompetence and stupidity could have been allowed to happen. OUR COUNTRY IS BEING DESTROYED BY A MAN WITH THE MIND, IDEAS, AND I.Q. OF A FIRST GRADER. THIS INVASION OF OUR COUNTRY MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY. IT CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE!”

Earlier this year, President Trump unveiled a tough Agenda47 policy platform that outlined how he would quickly secure the southern border as president again in 2025.

He has also promised to end automatic citizenship for the children of illegal migrants, which he said has brought “millions of people to our country” illegally.  

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