Trump: ‘Bad things should happen’ to the officer who shot Jan. 6 victim Ashli Babbitt

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

President Trump has continuously honored the memory of Jan. 6 protestor, Ashli Babbitt. In a recent interview with Greg Kelly on Newsmax, he expressed frustration at how the situation surrounding her death was handled. 

He described that the protestors walked into the Capitol Building unarmed. President Trump stated in the interview, “That officer, bad things should happen to him. He shot her and she was totally defenseless.”

President Trump has stood by honoring Babbitt and her memory. In 2021, he contacted her family to offer them support and declared, “There must be justice!” via the Washington Examiner

The officer who killed her was identified as Michael Byrd, according to the New York Post. He claimed, per NBC News, that he “saved countless lives,” but the newly released Jan. 6 footage reported on by Tucker Carlson, contradicts Byrd’s story according to RSBN

There has been much speculation about what happened during the Jan. 6 protest. The new footage has sparked renewed interest, and President Trump’s recent interview decried Babbitt’s death. 

Regarding the fact that Michael Byrd was cleared of any charges in connection with the shooting, President Trump stated, “Nothing happened to him. If that were the other way around there would have been hell to pay.”

Byrd is a black officer and Ashli Babbitt was a white woman. While few have discussed the threat of a male officer killing an unarmed woman, the country has experienced countless riots over shootings involving white officers and young black men. 

Despite this, President Trump did not wish to focus on identity politics. Instead, he also remembered Babbitt as “an American patriot,” and discussed how that situation is still an issue for many Americans today.  

He said, “The people of this country just aren’t gonna take it anymore.”

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