Trump beats Biden in hypothetical 2024 race, a survey shows

by Alex Caldwell

Although the 2024 presidential election is more than three years away, pundits have already started discussing what a head-to-head matchup between Joe Biden and Donald Trump would look like.

According to an Emerson College poll, President Trump is slightly favored to win against Biden with 47 percent over Biden’s 46 percent.

An Emerson College poll gives Donald Trump an edge over Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 election matchup.

Donald Trump’s hypothetical 2024 election victory comes amidst Joe Biden’s plummeting approval rating. According to a USA Today/Suffolk poll, 41 percent of Americans approve of Biden, while 55 percent disapprove. Separately, a NPR/PBS/Marist poll gives Biden a 43 percent approval rating, with 51 percent disapproving.

According to a poll by Zogby Analytics, one-fifth of Democrats regret voting for Joe Biden in 2020.

Joe Biden faced criticism for his seemingly negligent treatment of fallen U.S. service members compared to Donald Trump.

Biden’s approval rating has dropped to its lowest following a cataclysmic series of events in the past few months.

American and Afghan civilians flooded the Kabul airport to flee the Taliban after Joe Biden announced that he would hastily withdraw all U.S. troops from the Afghanistan. Nearly 200 Afghan civilians and 13 U.S. service members were killed by an ISIS-K suicide bomber while people crowded in front of the airport.

Hundreds of Americans remain abandoned and left to become hostages in Kabul following Biden’s decision to withdraw all military service members before 100 percent of civilians were evacuated.

Gasoline prices have handily increased across the United States according AAA Gas Prices.

Adding to Biden’s declining popularity, inflation has skyrocketed across the United States and Americans have seen a rapid rise in prices for gasoline and groceries. Over the summer, Biden announced a plan to raise taxes on U.S. businesses, a decision that will possibly lead to further inflation and unemployment.

He also faces pushback from Democrats and Republicans for their negligence with the southern border. Migrants have reportedly faced unlivable and miserable conditions in holding facilities built by the Biden administration.

Both Biden and Trump have neither confirmed nor denied their intent to run for president again. However, Biden faces opposition from both political parties and potentially an uphill battle against Donald Trump.

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