Trump: Biden is “incompetent, stupid, whatever word you want to use”

President-elect Donald Trump visit's the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for their inaugural wreath-laying ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va., Jan. 19, 2017. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Alicia Brand/released)

President Donald Trump on Wednesday night joined Greg Kelly on Newsmax to discuss Joe Biden’s “incompetent” job performance over the last seven months, placing special emphasis on Biden’s “horrible” foreign policies regarding the Afghanistan troop withdrawal, southern border crisis, and rising inflation.

Trump slammed Biden for not only ignoring his top military aides’ advice in completing a smooth transition withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan, but also for putting American citizens last.

He criticized Biden’s lack of effort in prioritizing the safety of U.S. citizens before withdrawing the troops, and his irresponsible surrender of billions of dollars worth of military equipment and weaponry that are now in the Taliban’s hands.

President Trump recounted an experience under his administration where a military general told him it was “cheaper” to leave the equipment in Afghanistan, rather than bringing it back to the U.S., to which Trump responded “If you think that, General, then you’re incompetent — millions of dollars for tanks, millions of dollars for Humvees that are armor-plated, and now they have the Taliban flag on it. It’s a horrible thing.”

Offering a different perspective, he countered there were other means the Biden administration could have used to handle the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. He suggested that if equipment had to be left behind at bases, the least they could have done was ensure such bases were “destroyed” to prevent enemies, like the Taliban, from getting their hands on them.

“I would have bombed the forts so that whoever tried to occupy would be sitting in rubble,” Trump said. “They grabbed the greatest equipment and now they’ll be giving it to other nations so they can cheaply copy it — horrible.”

The 45th president blasted General Mark Milley’s poor execution of the withdrawal and placed responsibility partially on him for the current crisis in Afghanistan. Trump said he is “unfit” and “incompetent” for withdrawing the military ahead of U.S. citizens, calling it the “single greatest embarrassment we’ve ever seen.” Although numbers are not confirmed, reports estimate that at least 10,000 Americans remain stranded in the country, if not more.

Greg Kelly ripped the Taliban as a group of “horrible, hateful people that gave solace and refuge to Al-Qaeda,” and expressed his bafflement on how Twitter allows them to keep their account as they promote hateful, violent content. Meanwhile, President Trump remains banished from the platform after being originally being banned as a sitting U.S. President earlier this year for his election fraud claims.

“It’s disgraceful,” Trump said on the Taliban’s continued Twitter presence.

On another note, Trump highlighted the Biden administration’s countless “other failures,” including rising inflation that could put “the country out of business,” as well as its climate change-oriented energy policies.

Trump mocked Biden for cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline while also begging OPEC to produce more oil. “Energy independence no longer exists” in the U.S., said Trump.

On an issue Trump supporters have been deeply concerned about, Trump said he believes the way that Biden is attempting to override states’ rights by forcing vaccine and mask mandates is inappropriate, and maintained that vaccines should remain a choice where individual freedoms should be respected.

Hinting at a “change” to come for the 2024 presidential elections, he teased a possible third run.

“Look, I love this country. I hate what’s happening to it and we’re not going to have a country anymore if it keeps going like this. We’re a laughingstock all over the world, and I think a lot of people are going to be very happy,” he said, regarding whether he will run in 2024.

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