Trump calls for a FULL forensic audit of Zuckerberg’s $417 million donations to local elections

President Trump slammed Big Tech on Saturday night during his remarks at CPAC Orlando, focusing on Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, who has come under fire for dubiously donating millions to local elections in key swing states during the 2020 presidential election.

“Let’s do a full forensic audit of the $417 million dollars given by Mark Zuckerberg, who used to come to the White House and kiss my ass,” Trump stated to the crowd, who roared with approval and laughter.

Election integrity was a hot topic during Trump’s speech on Saturday, with the 45th president zeroing in on the “rigged election” and the consequences that it has wrought on the United States.

Referring to the Ukraine-Russia conflict that is currently transpiring in Eastern Europe, Trump remarked, “This horrific disaster would not have happened if our election was not rigged and if I was the president – it’s very simple.”

President Trump also called for free and fair elections, promising that if Republicans sweep the midterms in 2022 and elect a strong Republican candidate to the White House in 2024, they would have the power to secure future elections.

Additionally, Trump decried the power that tyrannical politicians have been unwilling to let go of in the wake of the Covid pandemic. He ripped the left for masking children and regulating businesses into bankruptcy. The 45th president said, “We will never forget what they did to our children…we will hold them accountable at the ballot box this November.”

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