Trump calls for strict penalties on illegal immigrants: We need to ‘SEND A MESSAGE’

by Summer Lane

President Trump held nothing back when addressing the chaos of America’s open border crisis during his remarks at CPAC in Texas on Saturday evening.

He described a series of chillingly violent crimes committed by illegal aliens, even sharing the case of an illegal immigrant out on bond who was charged with decapitating someone’s body in a public park.

“Think of this,” he told the horrified crowd. “Animals.”

He added, “Every death at the hands of a criminal illegal alien is entirely preventable…this is all preventable stuff.”

Trump additionally called for the death penalty for drug dealers and human traffickers, telling CPAC attendees that he believed that would reduce the level of both serious crimes by a whopping 50 percent.

“Republicans in Congress must make clear that on their watch, not a single penny of taxpayer money will go to funding Joe Biden’s open border – it’s a sick agenda,” he said.

He further pointed out that America sends “billions and billions and even trillions of dollars” to countries that are thousands of miles away, and yet we don’t secure our own borders in the U.S.

“Next year,” he concluded, “we have to use the purse strings to send a message to every would-be illegal alien all over the world: if you break into our country illegally you will be caught, we will detain you, and we will quickly send you back to the place from which you came or put you in prison immediately.”

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