Trump calls on Americans to ‘stand strong’ and ‘CHARGE FORWARD TO VICTORY’

PYJTPF Charlotte, NC, USA. 26 Oct 2018. US President Trump attends a MAGA Rally to campaign for 9th District House Candidate, Mark Harris. Trump's supporters braved cold weather and hard rain, some arriving over a day early, to hear the president speak. Photo Credit: Castle Light Images / Alamy Live News

Photo: Alamy

President Trump called on Americans to stand united in the face of tyranny during a riveting slate of remarks delivered in South Carolina in the small town of Pickens, where tens of thousands of patriots gathered to celebrate Independence Day.

He reflected on the historic battle won by Revolutionary War hero, General Pickens, whom the town was named after.

“Like General Pickens, all of us here today are in a battle for American liberty and independence, and like the great general we must stand tall, we must stand strong and we MUST CHARGE FORWARD TO VICTORY,” he said.

He continued, “We stand on the shoulders of generations of American patriots who gave EVERYTHING they had for our country and for our freedom.”

Trump paid respect to our American ancestors “who conquered a dangerous frontier” and “faced down enemies” to carve out freedom for future generations. “They poured out their blood, sweat, and tears to make this into the GREATEST NATION IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD,” he added.

President Trump’s patriotic comments drew enormous cheers from the crowd, breaking out into chants of “WE LOVE TRUMP!”

The president ended his remarks with a reflective and dramatic epilogue of instrumental music, giving rallygoers a bullet-point list of how the current regime was working to submerge the success of American freedoms.

He vowed, “But we are not going to allow this horror to continue…we will SOON BE A GREAT NATION AGAIN…2024 if our FINAL BATTLE. With your support this primary, we are going to FINISH WHAT WE STARTED.”

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