Trump calls out contradictions in Ruby Freeman testimony: ‘LIED? TROUBLE FOR RUBY!!!’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump scorched new revelations surrounding Ruby Freeman on Monday, pointing out contradictions in her sworn testimony after new policy body cam footage in Cobb County, Georgia, was unveiled.

Freeman, who was an election worker in Fulton County during the 2020 presidential election, previously testified to the Jan. 6 Committee investigating the “insurrection” at the U.S. Capitol in 2021. According to a report from Fox 5 Atlanta, Freeman was accused of engaging in fraudulent activities involving bringing suitcases of potentially illegal ballots with the alleged intent of influencing the election outcome.

The Georgia Record reported that newly released policy cam footage wildly contradicts her sworn testimony, catching the former election worker on video alleging that there was a coverup of election fraud. She also alleged that there were more people than just herself involved in the purported operation to carry out fraudulent activities in the 2020 election.

President Trump commented on the stunning bodycam footage in a Truth Social post:

“Wow! Has anyone seen the Ruby Freeman ‘contradictions’ of her sworn testimony? Now this is ‘BIG STUFF.’ Look what was captured by Cobb County police body cameras on January 4, 2021. ‘And everything they are saying is false. Everything from the quote unquote SUITCASES OF THE BALLOT BOXES, TO THE WHY WE OPENED THEM BACK UP. EVERYTHING THEY SAID WAS FALSE.THE FBI…REACHED OUT TO ME ONLY TO CLEAR MY SOCIAL MEDIA (evidence tampering?)…COUNT WAS LOW, IT WAS REALLY LOW.’”

He added:

“Ruby Freeman, page 2: ‘BOOM under the table. Cut the zip ties to scan them so the number would go up…so that’s how the number was CREATED, by the ballots going through the scanner…I do want an attorney. IT’S ALL A FRAUD. EVERYTHING THEY ARE SAYING IS FALSE. FROM THE SUITCASES OF THE BALLOT BOXES, TO WHY WE OPENED THEM BACK UP. EVERYTHING THEY SAID WAS FALSE.’ They got Ruby 7 top D.C. lawyers and protection from the FBI (Again?). WHY? She then ‘changed’ her statements – LIED? TROUBLE FOR RUBY!!!”

The video footage shows Freeman stating that “It’s all a fraud” and that “everything they are saying is false.” In the video, Freeman further offered to blow the whistle on what was happening in Fulton County. She also alleged that her supervisors pressured her to illegally scan ballots after election observers had been removed from the area, according to The Georgia Record.

She stated, “…and he said and they was saying the count was low, it was really low and is there ah are all of the ballots counted? And so we got like there was a few more and we can get those in the morning because there wasn’t that many. They said well count as many as you can – count all of them you know.”

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