Trump campaign opens new ‘Trump Force 47’ office in THIS Democrat stronghold

2KDW5ME Danville, United States. 08th Nov, 2022. A "vote here" sign is seen outside of the polling location at Shiloh United Church of Christ in Danville on Election Day. Republican Mastriano and Democrat Shapiro are running for governor of Pennsylvania. Credit: SOPA Images Limited/Alamy Live News

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President Donald Trump’s campaign opened up a new office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, a move which will certainly help the presidential hopeful’s team ramp up their ground game even more across populated liberal enclaves in the critical battleground state.

As reported by Pennsylvania Capital Star, the “Trump Force 47 Office Grand Opening” was the first opening of its kind in any state from the campaign, Pennsylvania’s Republican Party, and the Republican National Committee.

Explaining the reasoning for placing the office’s location in a deep blue area, Pennsylvania’s GOP Chair Lawrence Tabas told audience members that the Republican Party’s policies are “designed to make Americas have better lives,” not just for a “particular or single group, but everyone in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the United States.”

“It’s important to recognize that we need new leadership in America, we need new leadership in Pennsylvania,” explained Tabas. “Bidenomics has been a failure.”

Rep. Wesley Hunt, R-Texas, who headlined the event, also provided remarks to attendees while standing at a podium that had a sign reading, “Black Americans for Trump.”

“The person that’s going to come back and save this country from the brink is Donald John Trump,” Hunt told the crowd. “Black issues are American issues.”

The large event was even celebrated by the national Republican Party, which wrote to X on Wednesday that Trump Force 47 was now in “FULL FORCE” across Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania will be one of the most valuable swing-states of the 2024 cycle, so it is imperative for the Trump campaign to invest time and effort into every area across the state—not just conservative or moderate places.

The Trump campaign may also be following the campaign strategy of Lee Zeldin, as the former congressman devoted his efforts to campaigning in some of the most blue areas of New York City during his 2022 bid for governor.

Ultimately, Zeldin narrowly lost against incumbent New York Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul by less than five points, but nonetheless, his ground game and travels to Democrat-heavy areas helped to put the liberal Empire State into historic contention.

If President Trump put this same effort into winning Pennsylvania—a very centrist state compared to New York—he would have the best chance to capture the state’s 20 electoral votes.

More impressively, the Trump campaign’s new strategy to locate resources in Philadelphia may very well do just that.

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