Trump campaign raises BIG money in April as RNC gains on DNC machine

2CA6JAK President Trump is all smiles toward his supporters at the rally in the Bojangle's Coliseum

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President Trump’s campaign in 2024 has reinvigorated the Republican Party platform, proving that voters are more than willing to donate their time and money to get the 45th president back in the White House.

According to RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump, the GOP raised $76 million in April, demonstrating the continued momentum for the party with Trump as the nominee in 2024.

Ms. Trump explained on Fox News earlier this month, “The average donation…is 30 dollars. That means the people of this country understand what’s at stake. They understand what is happening to this man, this lawfare that is being waged against him in an attempt to interfere in an election, and they are fighting back – even in the midst of the abysmal economy that Joe Biden has handed us, people are donating money.”

RSBN previously reported that the RNC has been raising $1 million or more every day that President Trump has been forced to sit in a Manhattan criminal courtroom. GOP Chairman Michael Whatley said, “Every day that President Trump has been in court, we’ve been getting, he’s been getting, a million dollars or more in small-dollar donations that are coming in online.”

President Trump also raked in a staggering $50.5 million during a single-evening fundraiser event in Palm Beach, Florida, in April, setting a historic new record for political fundraising and eclipsing Democrats’ previous record of $26 million.

The president raised several million more dollars the following week at fundraisers in Atlanta and Orlando, totaling another $15 million for the campaign, demonstrating donors’ willingness to give their money to the RNC as long as Trump is the central figure.

The DNC has consistently outperformed the RNC for years, but it looks like new GOP leadership, along with Trump’s cemented status as the presidential nominee, will help Republicans catch up to the Democrats and perhaps even surpass them.

According to The Gazette, the most recent numbers from the DNC showed them with $192 million cash on hand, while the RNC had only $93.1 million. However, the RNC’s most recent fundraising pace is quickly on track to catch up.

Via a statement from Chairman Whatley and Co-Chair Lara Trump: “Soaring past predictions, April defied the pundits and our naysayers with a huge fundraising haul — just like President Trump has done in poll after poll.”

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